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The New Standard Of Driver Performance

The 2017 M1 and M2 drivers deliver more distance and more forgiveness through reimagined multi-material construction.

Longer, More Personalized T-Track

New T-Track with 27 grams of moveable weight allows for 64% more front-to-back CG movement than the original M1, giving golfers more adjustability and more ball flight control.


A precision-fit carbon crown and new carbon toe panel frees up discretionary weight to be relocated for lower CG, which promotes more distance.

M1 T-Track

New T-track adjustable weight system

Longer back track with more moveable weight

  • Allows for 64% more front-to-back CG movement than original M1
  • 94% more CG movement in the 440 model vs. original M1 430
  • More aerodynamic track for improved clubhead speed
M1 Inverted Cone Technology (ICT)

Inverted Cone Technology (ICT)

ICT enables hot ball speed across the entire face

  • Takes face COR up to the legal limit
  • Creates a larger sweetspot
  • Promotes more forgiveness
M1 Crown

Multi-material construction


  • 6-layer carbon crown with 9-1-1 skeletal titanium body
  • New carbon toe panel results in 43% more carbon vs. the original M1
  • Lower CG, longer back track, and more moveable weight allows golfers to personalize their distance and forgiveness settings like never before
M1 Shaft Options

Complete Personalization

Aluminum, 4° Loft Sleeve with 12 settings

Three premium stock shafts and 30+ after-market, no-upcharge shaft options

  • Fujikura XLR8 Pro – high launch
  • Mitsubishi Kuro Kage Dual Core TiNi – mid launch
  • Project X HZRDUS – low launch
  • Lamkin UTx Grip (stock)

All-New Geocoustic Sole Shaping

Unlocking performance through advanced geometry, the 2017 M2 driver’s sunken sole shape enables a larger clubface with added forgiveness.


Advanced sole shaping with external sound ribs optimize vibrations for exceptional sound and feel.
Hear the Geocoustic™ impact:

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M2 Geocoustic

Geocoustic Technology

Exceptional sound and feel through advanced geometry

  • Advanced sole shaping with a two-tiered contour enables a larger clubface and larger address footprint for added forgiveness
  • External sound ribs actively manage vibrations and pitches for exceptional sound and feel

Multi-material construction

Saves weight and unlocks distance and forgiveness

  • 6-layer carbon crown with 9-1-1 titanium body
  • A heavy fixed weight moves CG extremely low for added speed, and further back for more forgiveness
Speed Pocket

Deeper, more active Speed Pocket

High launch. Low spin. More speed.

  • 3x more active than original M2 to increase flexion and forgiveness across the clubface
  • Generates high launch/low spin shots to achieve massive distance
M2 Shaft Options

Premium Features and Options

Performance to fit your swing

  • Fujikura XLR8 Pro Stock Shaft
  • Dual Feel Grip
  • Ultra-lightweight, 4° aluminum Loft Sleeve with 12 settings
  • 30+ Additional No-Upcharge Shafts


Hit it long. Hit a draw.

Featuring a draw-biased design, the M2 D-Type driver helps golfers eliminate a right miss and gain more distance with a drawing ball flight.

  • More heel weight promotes a closed face at impact
  • Increased offset and more upright position encourages R-to-L trajectory (for RH golfers)
Avoid the right side

Personalization through Premium Shaft Options

Discover the perfect shaft for your swing.

Available Shafts

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